Thursday, 5 July 2018

The Digga auger range

The right auger for the right ground condition is key to working productively. Here we have a brief overview of the 3 different 'standard' auger ranges Digga manufacture.

'A' or 'earth' range of augers

Digga's A augers are efficient in cutting through earth, clay and soft ground as it uses flat teeth to peel up the layers. Our A augers have 3 teeth options within the range to aid wear; the standard earth tooth, flat carbide tooth or raised carbide tooth option. 

'RC' or 'rock combo' augers

Digga's RC range of augers uses a tapered tooth which can be used on rocky/ earthy grounds. The tungsten tipped teeth helps to rip into the ground. 

'DR' or 'rock' augers

Dedicated rock augers are ideal for bursting into material such as shale or rock. They use a pick tooth to break and fracture into the ground. 

Watch our latest video of Anthony giving a brief overview of the range here: 

For more information on the Digga range of augers visit our website or check out some of our videos on YouTube

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