Rocky's Excavations review the Digga Slasher

Rocky's Excavations and the Digga Slasher

Rocky Toohey and Bregan Lockett business owners at Rocky's Excavations explained, their most used Digga attachment is the Slasher - for land clearing, grass and weed slashing.  
“The slasher is always impressing our customers with just how much it can slash and the different types of weeds and lantana it removes so quickly.
The Digga slasher removes small trees cutting them up to nothing. Working on acreage properties in the summer the Digga slasher is our most requested attachment for land maintenance, fence line clearing and acreage upkeep.”

 Benefits of the Digga Slasher

  • Built for slashing and clearing grasslands and low-level shrubbery the Digga Slasher is the introductory offering in the Digga range of forestry and vegetation management attachments. 
  • It is perfect for smaller property maintenance, clearing light scrub, tidying fence lines, general landscaping, roadway maintenance and parks maintenance. 
  • Available to suit mini loaders, skid steers, excavators and tractors the Digga Slasher is available with 3 different width options depending on your machine and access limitations. 
  • Benefitting from a twin blade, dual rotation single cutting bar it comes complete with hoses and couplers.

Rocky's Excavations

“We would definitely recommend the Digga Slasher to anyone looking for an easy way to remove grass and weeds. It has stood the test for some stubborn weeds and trees and is still going strong”. 
Rocky’s Excavations from Canungra have built their business around the Gold Coast, Scenic Rim, and Brisbane area, servicing all aspects of earthmoving and excavation works. They also service local farms and acreage owners for land maintenance, horse arenas and general property maintenance.

You can find more information about their business on their Facebook page

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