Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Reuben Excavations in Melbourne's south east choose Digga auger drive

Choosing a Digga auger drive

Business owner and operator Brad spoke to us about their Digga auger drive and decisions for choosing Digga.

They have owned a Digga PD4 auger drive and a number of differently sized augers for the last 5 years. They chose Digga because they wanted a well-known brand that produced a quality product range and with a good reputation.

Brad uses their Digga auger drive to drill holes for stumps and posts, deep piles to form anchors for historic buildings, light towers and fence posts.

Brad's comments on the Digga auger drive:

I use the auger drive on our 3.5-ton excavator and I can trust our PD4 and I can trust the support from Digga Australia.
Digga wants to be there for the customer long after you’ve purchased it. When the time came to give our drive a service and going over, the staff at Digga were more than helpful- they shared the knowledge they had about other customers experience and shared tips on best practice and what to do to prolong the PD4s life.
I’d recommend a Digga auger drive to anyone looking to purchase one. It’s durable, proven itself in the field and developed, built and supported by Australians right here in Australia.

Reuben Excavations

Brad is the business owner for Reuben Excavations. Reuben Excavations of Melbourne’s south-east are a small excavation and earthmoving contractor providing services to all trades within the building and civil sectors.

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