Monday, 23 October 2017

The pink Digga screw anchor drive

Tiah Selkrig is 'screwing' the stereotypes of gender roles in construction and proudly advertises her ‘very girly’ pink Digga screw anchor drive and matching pink excavator when on site!

Digga screw anchor drive - pink Wanting to show construction sites all over the Hunter Valley region that girls can do just as much as boys, Tiah decided she was going to raise the awareness of being a women in construction and painted her Digga drive pink to match the back of her excavator.

Tiah works for AAA Down Under offering earth moving, civil construction and foundation services to the Hunter Valley region. AAA Down Under is her Dad’s business and she explained growing up around her father using earth moving machinery inspired her to become an operator just like him. Today she operates her excavator with the Digga MD190 screw anchor drive to install screw piles and said,
“I love the Digga drive, it’s the best thing I’ve got!”
Tiah decided to custom paint her Digga MD190 screw anchor drive ‘Breast Cancer Pink’ and she explained “I have a close family friend who got through a battle with breast cancer. The idea of the pink drive was originally for her, but then it also shows it’s mine and that I’m a girl working on the site!”

Tiah has very strong feelings towards being a woman in construction and feels more women need to get involved. According to a report by the University of NSW women represent only 12% of the workforce in the Australian construction industry in 2016.
“Unless I went through my Dad’s company I don’t think many other businesses would have given me a go as an operator, because I’m female. My pink drive is a symbol that I’m a girl and that girls can do just as much as boys can. More women need to get in this kind of work because a lot of men under estimate what we can all do, it’s good fun to prove them wrong and I hope everybody loves my very girly pink drive just as much as I do!” 
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