Drilling expert uses Digga 2-speed auger drives.

Adrian Eagan, aka Baldy has been drilling in one form or another all his working life. Working for one of Queensland largest earthmovers L&D Earthmoving, we wanted to hear what he makes of the Digga drives he puts to work every day.  

L&D Earthmoving were established in 1954 and Baldy has been with them for the last 25 years explaining that the company service a mix of commercial and domestic customers “from backyard bobs to major infrastructures – there is virtually no where we can’t service!”

Covering all of South East Queensland working in light dusty sands and clay to solid blue metal Baldy really puts his drives through their paces.
“I run a few 4.5 or 6 tonne combos for all our everyday work and light duty drilling with the Digga PD3. Then I operate an 18 tonne excavator with a 2 speed Digga PD30.”
The Digga PD30 is an upgrade from the PD18 Baldy used to operate but he admits “after 8 years of heavy work, I finally managed to break the PD18…” 

Of course a regular service and maintenance check-up would have shown what was behind Baldy’s PD18 going bust on him and after learning his lesson with alternative brands says
“My new Digga 2-speed PD30 is awesome. It has all the power and speed I ever need. Some of the holes I drill can be 4 – 5m deep and 600mm diameter into solid blue metal and it’s handling it all with ease.”
The range of 2 speed Digga auger drives give you the flexibility to work a wider range of applications with a high speed, low torque setting for the smaller auger jobs when you need that extra RPM and a low speed, high torque for when you really need to grind out that larger diameter hole.

You can find out more information on our range of auger drives and 2 speed options on our website: www.digga.com

You can read up on the importance of a regular service and keeping a check on the oil in the motor of your drive here: Servicing your Digga drive blog post.


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