Friday, 25 August 2017

Screw piles and screw piling.

What is a screw pile?
A screw pile is also known as a helical pile, helical anchor, helix pier, screw anchor, helical pier, torque pile and/ or torque anchor.

What is screw piling? 
In unstable grounds when a traditional cast-in-place foundation system is not possible, screw piling offers a foundation support system for an ever increasing number of applications. Screw piling is the application of a screw pile into the ground. A screw pile is a factory manufactured steel foundation system consisting of a central rod with one or more helix shaped blade plates and a bracket at the end that allows attachment to a structure. The tip is cut on an angle to allow it to penetrate the ground as a pilot. The pile has 'flights' which are flat in pitch to help the pile pull itself into the ground with minimum downforce applied. With the use of an excavator and a hydraulic screw anchor drive motor attached, the screw pile is screwed into the ground to the desired compression torque or depth.
You can find out about the history of screw piling here and review some advantages to the process here.

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