Monday, 25 March 2019

How to Mount a Digga Ram Drill

Need to mount a Digga Ram Drill to your tractor and want to make sure everything is into place before you start drilling?

To make it easier for you, we have summarized the most important steps to be followed:

  1. Start with the Ram Drill in storage position
  2. Disconnect the 3pl stabiliser bars 
  3. Connect the left linkage and put the linchpin in 
  4. Connect the right linkage and put the linchpin in
  5. Connect the hydraulic hoses by pushing them straight into the rear remotes
  6. Connect your top link by adjusting your 3pt linkage and the hydraulic ram to line up the hole
  7. Once top link is connected move 3pl lever into the float/down position. Do not adjust 3pl once top link is connected as it may cause damage to post hole Digga or Tractor. 
  8. Raise your storage legs by pulling the pin, lifting it to the highest position and fixing it with the linchpin – repeat on the other side
  9. Connect the PTO shaft by sliding the cover back so you can access the universal joint. Twist until lined up, push the locking pin in and slide it all the way up to lock it on. Slide your safety cover back up and put the safety cover locks on.

Please note: Some tractors may require the PTO shaft to be shortened. Please refer to your manual on how to trim the PTO shaft. Failure to do so may cause PTO shaft or gearbox failure.

Watch how it’s done in our video.

SPOTLIGHT on the Digga Ram Drill

Having served the marketplace in the agricultural industry for many years, this 3pt linkage post hole digger it is good for grounds, which don’t need much down pressure.

It is ideal for all soil types including rocky, compacted and dry grounds, like in most of Australia during the summer. The benefit here is that the ram drill, instead of having a floating top pin, it has a fixed pin with Hydraulic Ram, which allows the operator to apply downward pressure via the Hydraulic Ram to push the auger into the ground.

To find out more please watch our Video.

Visit our website for further information on the ram drill and our A Series augers

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