Thursday, 22 March 2018

Digga powder coating

A powder coat finish offers greater resistance to chipping, scratching, fading and general wear to the surface than other finishes.

All our attachments are powder coated which gives them better protection and durability. Powder coating can give a much cleaner coverage of the bucket than a standard wet coat paint. Here we tested that by sticking two buckets out in the weather for 4 weeks. We chose buckets because they have a lot of angles and are easily comparative when on display in dealer showrooms and yards.

So, we set up a test of 2 buckets. 

The experiment.

We chose 2 Digga buckets that were the exact same product only we powder coated one and gave the other a standard wet coat paint finish. To start with the buckets appeared pretty identical and it isn't obvious which finish is which.

We left the buckets outside for 4 weeks.

We didn't use them, we simply left them open to the elements of the Australian weather - similar to buckets left on display in the yard of a dealership.

We monitored changes to their appearance weekly and recorded the results.

The results.

Week 1
The powder coated bucket shows little to no change in appearance. 

Rust is beginning to form on the standard wet coat bucket.

Week 2
At the end of week 2, the powder coat bucket still shows little to no change in appearance.

While rust spots have become more apparent on the standard wet coated bucket. 

As week 3 progressed more rust developed on the standard wet coat finished bucket. The powder coat bucket continued to show little to no change in appearance. 

Week 4 
At the end of week 4, there is a significant difference in the two buckets despite being exposed to the exact same elements - no work just sun, wind and rain. 
Still, the powder coated bucket showed little change in appearance. 

Pins, linkages and bushes are showing heavy rust on the standard wet coat paint finished bucket.

Imagine if these buckets had been sat around for longer than 4 weeks? 

For the full story, watch our latest video:

A Digga powder coated bucket is durable and long-wearing. We want to provide you with tried and tested, reliable machinery attachments manufactured right here in Australia. 

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