Thursday, 19 October 2017

Digga win 2017 Dermot McManus Award for Innovation at the Queensland Export Awards.

Last night Digga Australia were awarded the 2017 Dermot McManus Award for Innovation at the Queensland Export Awards.
The Dermot McManus Award is one of the 4 major awards handed out on the night and recognises exporters that have demonstrated innovative solutions in their business field through strategy, production, and processes.
Digga CEO Suzie Wright commented:
The award is a reflection on everybody at Digga and the hard work each and every one of the team put in. Without the hard work of all branches and divisions this recognition would not be possible. Congratulations to everyone and well done!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Benefits of the Digga cradle hitch

The Digga excavator cradle hitch was designed and manufactured to improve operator and workers safety when manoeuvring around sites whilst also providing a simpler connection to augers and piles.

The double pin hitch with drive unit cradle allows the operator to angle the drive up to 90 degrees with greater support given by the cradle so it is easier and more stable when connecting to augers or anchors.

The cradle also acts as a support mechanism when manoeuvring around the work site allowing the drive unit to rest on the cradle, stopping it from swinging around over uneven terrain.

Designed and manufactured to suit the size of the different drive units available, the hitch can be ordered with loose or fixed pin options and suitable for use with PD3 – PD50 Digga drive models.

When drilling you should lift the cradle up and away from the drive unit. Do not drill with the cradle resting against the drive unit. This will damage the cradle hitch and your auger drive. See the comparison diagrams below:

Digga trencher: Bigfoot vs Hydrive

Diggas range of trenchers are ideal for digging trenches for pipes, road repairs and general construction.

The range includes the mini trencher, Bigfoot trenchers and Hydrive trenchers and every model ins manufactured in-house to the highest industry quality at our facility in Queensland, Australia. They feature an Eaton motor and Digga made gearbox enquiring reliability and performance, but how do you know which trencher is suitable for you?

Here we go over the key differences between the Bigfoot and the Hydrive and machine suitability.                                                                       


Bigfoot Trencher
  • Ideal for inexperienced or experienced operators.
  • The Bigfoot trencher has a skid foot which makes getting the correct consistent depth easier. The foot has 3 or 4 pre-set depth settings dependent on the model.
  • The Bigfoot has 1 spoil auger. All spoil is extracted to one side of the trench leaving one side clear to work. 
  • 100mm to 200mm chain cut width with 1.654" pitch 
  • 150mm to 300mm chain cut width with 2" pitch 
  • Available for mini loaders, skid steers, telehandlers, tractors, backhoes and excavators up to 8 tonne. Not suitable for 3pt linkage.

Hydrive Trencher
  • Ideal for experienced operators and operators who trench for a living. 
  • The Hydrive trencher has no skid foot, instead it has a spoil auger on each side. This helps clear the trench of spoil more efficiently, leaving the trencher to do more cutting and less clearing.
  • The Hydrive features a 3 point drive system with the motor sitting in the highest sprocket well out of the dirt.
  • Due to the 3 point drive system the chain is never in contact with the boom reducing drag and resulting in increased efficiency. 
  • 100mm to 300mm chain cut width with 1.654" pitch 
  • 150mm to 350mm chain cut width with 2" pitch 
  • Recommended for use on skid steer loaders, track loaders, tractors, backhoes and excavators up to 8 tonne. 

For more detailed information on the Digga trencher visit our website: