Sunday, 7 July 2019

BGL Solutions favourite Digga Attachment - The Digga Power Rake

Bruno from BGL Solutions has worked with Digga Attachments for a long time, take a look at which attachments he uses for his Landscaping business and find out why the Digga Power Rake is his favourite tool:

“I’ve been involved in Landscaping at an early age back in Portugal, where I grew up, and always used to work with Digga attachments there too. When I moved to Australia in 2008, I started my business BGL Solutions in Katanning WA as a garden maintenance business. As we grew over the years, we started buying more and more machinery and equipment for landscaping.
Today the business has grown to a reasonable size with a mini loader, an excavator, a skid steer loader and big industrial mowers. The Digga Attachments that we own are the Digga Power Rake for our skid steer as well as 250mm, 600mm, and 900mm augers, a bucket broom, a stump grinder and a trencher for our mini loader.

The first attachment I purchased for BGL Solutions was a Digga Stump Grinder. I’ve been very happy with it over the years, other than some wear and tear issue here and there – but Digga West, especially Sean and John, have been very helpful over the years and always willing to provide the best solution.

BGL Solutions carry out a variety of jobs in Landscaping, including tree planting, turf preparation, asbestos removal and more. All within a 350km radius, so we are very remote between Perth and Albany. 

Most of the jobs are government related, but currently we are working on a massive project in Katanning, which involves a lot of work with our Digga Power Rake, probably my favourite attachment! For this project, we use the Rake to remove old turf, prepare the soil and replace with new turf.

We’ve carried out a lot of work with the Power Rake on our Terex PT30 in the past. Awesome tool for a landscaper: it level yards, spreads soil, rejuvenates old gravel driveways, prepares soil for new turf/seed, removes small debris from site leaving the soil behind, detaches turf and much more. Just awesome. I’ve had mine for 6 years and no issues with it.

Why I chose Digga? To be honest, I always like to buy, what I think is most suitable for my needs. I do my research and find the best ones on the market. Value for money is key – cheap is not good – I my opinion it is worth paying a little extra for great quality attachments. Plus, Digga attachments come with an excellent backup in terms of service and support." Bruno from BGL Solutions

Check out this video of Bruno's Power Rake in action.