Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Taking A Swing At Ovarian Cancer: Diesel Dirt & Turf Charity Golf Day

Article by Louise Heginbotham from Machines4U

The Diesel Dirt & Turf (DDT) annual charity golf day, sponsored by Digga, was in full swing last week. Held at Twin Creeks Golf and Country Club, more than 130 participants all teed off to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF).
The charity is very close to the hearts of the event organiser as well as the event sponsor, Digga, whose CEO and managing director, Suzie Wright, sadly passed away from ovarian cancer last year.
“At Digga we have given to many different charities over the years. But we’ve made the decision that ovarian cancer research is our cause now. We’re very grateful to be given the ability to select the charity for this event,” says Lionel Smitka, Digga Marketing Manager. “The OCRF are fantastic people and it’s a great cause that’s close to many of us at Digga and within the wider industry.”
Machines4U director, Steve Krebs, along with one of our account managers, Jade Flack, attended the event and are proud to be contributing to a great cause.
Steve and Jade from Machines4U excited for the DDT golf day 2019
Machines4U director, Steve [right], and account manager, Jade [left], ready for tee-off.
“The DDT are doing great things in the industry, and this golf day is a testament to that. Not only do we get to have fun, meet some great people and enjoy a great sport—we are raising money for a fantastic cause at the same time. That feels pretty damn good,” said Steve.
CreditOne on the green with Steve DDT golf day 2019
Steve mingling with Shaun Sabri and Brendan Young from CreditOne
Machines4U are proud supporters of the Diesel Dirt & Turf expo, attending the expo for the last 3 years and becoming Gold Media Sponsor for both 2018 and 2019.
DDT golf day 2019
Steve (orange shirt) posing on the green during the putting competition
The day began with breakfast, followed by a putting competition. As the last competitor, Karl Corry from Okuma, stepped onto the green and hit his ball, everyone gasped.
“The last guy got a hole in one! Couldn’t believe it. We were just like—well that’s it, comp’s over!” laughed Jade.
After the putting comp, everyone got ready for the 18-hole course, followed by a sit-down lunch and presentation.
“We had a great time playing the 18. There are so many great people in our industry and it’s always nice to come together. Especially to raise money and awareness for something that impacts so many women and their families across Australia,” said Steve.

A Huge Success

Everyone felt the success of the day, participants and organisers alike.
“We’re extremely happy how the day turned out,” says Lionel. “The numbers were well up an extra 50 golfers from last year, with over 130 golfers and 50 prizes that were raffled away. And to top it off, it looks like we’ll have raised around $32,000 which is just incredible for a single-day event.”
It’s a wonderful thing when an industry rallies together for a cause. The DDT annual golf day was no different.
“The earthmoving industry is so generous, like you wouldn’t believe. Pretty much every company involved donated prizes or similar to auction or raffle off. During the day they bought thousands of raffle tickets and donated an incredible amount of money,” Lionel said.
“Even Clint Stanaway from Channel 9 donated his time to come down and MC the event. It’s truly remarkable. We’re thankful the organiser of DDT gave us the opportunity to choose our own charity and have that charity be the beneficiary of this event.”

Putting For Ovarian Cancer Research

DDT golf day 2019 OCRF
OCRF ambassadors Arbel Givargis and Clint Stanaway discuss the importance of ovarian cancer research
As they state on their website, the OCRF is Australia’s leading independent body dedicated to national ovarian cancer research. Their goal is to raise awareness and vital research funds for the development of an early detection test.
“Unfortunately by the time a diagnosis occurs, it’s usually too late. There are no early detection tests. So we at Digga want to help the OCRF find a solution for the prevention and early detection of ovarian cancer,” says Lionel.
The OCRF receive no government funding. Instead relying solely on the support of businesses and the broader community, and events like the DDT annual golf day.
Donations over $2 are tax deductible, so why not make a contribution to the cause today.

Auger drives designed especially for drilling

Pioneers in pendulum drilling
Designing, manufacturing and testing auger drive units for over 30 years has given us real insight into the requirements and rigors of drilling. Armed with this information we’ve worked to innovate and improve components based on industry demand and feedback.
All our drive units and gearboxes are designed and made in-house as compared to some manufacturers within the industry, who use off the shelf components from various suppliers and design a unit around these components. All our components including hydraulic motors have been especially designed for our auger drive and for the drilling application.   
Below are a couple of innovations which feature in our PD gear boxes.

Integrated input housing
Instead of using off the shelf motors and adding fittings to join the gearset to the motor we’ve teamed up with Eaton and designed a motor which merges the motor with the input housing, allowing direct connection to the gearset, hereby eliminating the need for several gearbox components. This significantly reduces the weight and overall length of the drives and reduced the risks of leakage and increased maintenance costs. Others may tell you that their drives have been “over engineered” to explain the size of their drives. Now you know why!

Integrated pressure relief valve
In our 6K range of drives we’ve integrated the pressure relief valve into the motor.  This avoids the need to bolt a bulky valve block and unnecessary hydraulic fittings to the motor or hood. While this reduces the size of the assembly, the main benefit is reducing the number of possible leak points on the motor. The below image clearly illustrates the difference between an integrated motor and off the shelf motor setup.  

Integrated Digga Motor
Off the shelf Motor with multiple fittings and valves

Ideal location for hydraulic port
Designing a dedicated drilling motor has allowed Digga to locate the hydraulic motor port in the ideal location. Instead of placing the hydraulic hoses and fittings at a 90º angle to the motor resulting in hoses which protrude excessively from the drive unit, we have designed a location and angle that is ideal for drilling, transport or storage, allowing the drive to go down the hole during the drilling operation. 

Digga Drive with hydraulic port at an ideal angle for drilling 
Hydraulic hoses at a 90º angle to the motor