Monday, 16 July 2018

Custom builds to meet customer requirements

Hypower Hydraulics are a Digga reseller from New South Wales. They specialise in hydraulics, but they often have a customer requirement for drilling and screw anchor drives with high power and high torque – although never the ‘standard’ requirements.

Manual Geldes, the business owner, explained that his customers often call up for the “weird and wonderful” and it is his long-standing relationship with Digga Australia and his trust in our manufacture that allows him to meet their requirements.

Hypower Hydraulics request custom drives for different ground conditions or specific screw anchoring applications. They most recently called upon Digga when they needed a drive with a specific gear ratio that would allow their customer to achieve the desired speed and torque output to complete a job. In this instance, they opted for a custom drive which features a custom gearset configuration tested to achieve the specification.

In the past, they have relied on the team at Digga for variable speed drilling drives. A variable speed gearbox is ideal for the operator that wants more than just two speeds. The variable speed drive ensures that the ideal speed and torque are maintained from the start of the bore to the end. It is the perfect drive when drilling with a variety of diameter augers and the drive will automatically sense the optimum change time dependent on the ground conditions and resistance when drilling.

As Digga manufacture and assemble our own planetary drives and gearsets, a custom configuration of gear set to suit bespoke requirements can be achieved within time frames and budgets and fully supported by our expert team for application knowledge and insight.

“We have a good relationship with some key people in the Digga business. Their knowledge base and industry experience understand what myself and customers need and they can custom build drives with the application in mind.”