Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Digga Halo development continues...

The Digga engineering team have been conducting further tests on our latest product development, Halo.

Designed to aid vertical alignment when drilling or screw piling, the team needed to asses the durability of the product.

Durability testing

To do this, an experiment was set up to replicate the vibration and shock loads the drive would be subject to when working in extreme ground conditions. This would reveal any weakness in the lighting system as well as the endurance of its required internal components.

The video below shows a small snippet of our testing:

Sensitivity testing

A second part of the recent testing phase was product sensitivity. The sensitivity of the product encompasses 2 areas:

  1. Application sensitivity
    Ensuring Halo can handle different ground conditions and effectively recognize true vertical alignment. For example, when drilling in rocky grounds, the knocks and jerks of the auger could impact the sensitivity of the light indicator if not programmed and tested correctly. 
  2. Light sensitivity
    When we attended Diesel Dirt and Turf 2018 a number of customers asked us if you would always see the Halo light bar in really bright lights. We ran some programming tests to ensuring the light bar is visible in super bright daylight and sunshine to confirm this. 

Stay tuned for more information on the launch of Halo coming soon, or take some time and read up on the product here: