Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Digga Halo - what is it?


Halo uses Digga engineered technology to indicate vertical alignment of the pendulum drive using our patented light system. This is a huge benefit for the earthmoving and piling industry; assisting in correcting drilling procedures.

It has been designed to save operators time and money:
  • Halo is Digga's revolutionary new product for earthmoving operators who auger and/or screw pile.

  • When in use, green lighting indicates drive alignment. Amber or red lighting is used to indicate the directional movement required to achieve alignment.

  • It is made up of 4 components: 1x light ring, 1x battery pack, 1x cable set and the CPU/sensor.

  • The light ring is visible all the way around the drive by the operator. The battery pack is magnetic so easy to attach to the boom or auger drive. The CPU & cables will be fitted in the hood of the drive.

  • Halo will be available as a built-in option on our range of auger and screw anchor drives. A retrofit option will be available late 2018 for existing Digga drive units.

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