Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Why choose a 2-speed drive over a single speed drive?

Digga Australia - 2 speed auger drive - Australian Made
If you’re working with multiple sized augers or often in different ground conditions you’ll understand the expense and time wasted that comes with needing multiple drive units for the different applications.

When the ground is soft you want a higher speed to get the hole drilled quickly and then move onto the next one. When the ground is hard or you’re using a large auger you need torque to get the job done efficiently.

Speed and torque are always a trade-off; when you increase your speed you lose power and when you increase your power, you lose speed. Similar to a manual car, fourth gear allows speed but struggles with the power required to get the vehicle up the hill…

Standard, single speed drives are typically manufactured as a cost effective solution to provide a speed and torque to suit most applications but will give you one or the other.

In recent months we’ve seen our 2 speed auger drives grow in popularity and, as leading manufacturers, we can understand why.

We understand that for our customers time is money and so, our range of 2 speed drive units have been designed to help you work more efficiently; providing you one drive to operate in all conditions.

The two speed drive is ideal for anyone who drills in a variety of different ground conditions and with a range of different diameter augers.

As the name suggests, two speed drives have two speeds in one unit:
  • Low-speed high-torque setting and,
  • High-speed low-torque setting

The Digga 2 speed drive units give operators the option to switch between power and speed. Rather than needing 2 drives (1 for smaller diameter augers and softer grounds and 1 for larger diameter augers and harder grounds), the Digga 2 speed drive unit gives operators both functionalities in one drive.

Features and benefits of the Digga 2 speed drive range

There are a number of key features and benefits of a 2 speed drive over the standard single speed, such as:

  • Save time and money by eliminating the need for multiple drive units
  • 2 speed drives are made with Eaton motors and Digga made gearboxes. The electrical plugs are high quality waterproof "Deutsch" connectors offer superior corrosion protection and waterproof properties.
  • 2 speed drives allow for quicker drilling with a small auger and in soft grounds, and more torque for drilling with a large auger or in hard ground.
  • Switch to high speed for faster spinoff of spoil on a high torque drive
  • The low speed / high torque setting is ideal for drilling in fracturable rock; higher RPMs in rock cause the teeth to “skate” over the rock making it glaze over and become harder.
  • The host machine can run at a lower engine RPM on certain drilling jobs therefore burning less fuel
  • With the same gearbox as a single speed drive, it is the same cost to service as a single speed drive unit.
  • By drilling quicker, the job is finished faster so you can move onto the next job
  • It’s important to remember that single speed drive units have suited the market for over 30 years and unless you are working with multiple-sized augers, in different ground conditions regularly a single speed drive unit remains a very adequate option.
You can download the info flyer here or click here to find customer reviews of the two speed drive units.

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Monday, 27 November 2017

Digga drive key features (up to PD50)

Digga’s range of screw anchor and auger drives are the ultimate in performance, quality and cost effectiveness. With over 30 years of design and development, working in the field and listening to the needs of our customers to exceed their expectations.

All Digga drive units are manufactured in Australia, by Digga - from the hood on the drive to the gear box and Eaton motor. Our drives feature key design modifications to stand them apart from the competition:

Integrated motor and output housing unit

Our custom designed hydraulic motors were developed in conjunction with Eaton, using Eaton Geroler technology. Not satisfied with an off-the-shelf motor we developed the design specifically for the earth moving industry; significantly reducing the weight and overall length of the drive unit by integrating the hydraulic motor into the actual housing.
Merging the motor with the input housing creates a direct connection to the gearset and eliminates the need for several gearbox components. In turn, there are less moving parts and fewer potential leak points.
It also means we have been able to position the hydraulic motor ports in a more practical location; maximising manoeuvrability when drilling and offering greater protection to hoses and fittings during transport and storage.

    Less maintenance and a compact design

    Our gearboxes are made in-house at our factory in Queensland, Australia. Gears are precision machined from high grade alloy steel, specifically formulated for the manufacture of high performance gears in the earth moving industry.
    The compact design of our gear set allows for greater length under the drive, for augers or pile installation. As our drives can go down the hole they provide added depth when drilling allowing you to work more efficiently.

      Two piece shaft design with the highest side load ratings

      Digga drives have more than double the side load capacity of any other gearbox on the market. Under toque load, the Digga two piece shaft design ensures there is no increased load on the bearings. The bearings do the job they were designed for, efficiently maintaining axial and side loading.
      Making the Digga shaft a separate component to the planetary carrier, the planetary gears are isolated from the pushing, pulling and bending forces generated by the machine.
      This is highly beneficial for the operator should there be any side loading; the Digga two piece shaft design ensures there is no increased load on the bearings and the gears are protected, saving you on potential costly repairs.
      Digga drives have the highest shaft pullout rating in the industry with a heavy-duty custom designed lock-nut, and a lifetime warranty on shaft pullout.

      two piece shaft design - digga auger drive

      Highest side load ratings

      Digga drives have more than double the side load capacity of any other gearbox on the market. Under toque load, the Digga two peice shaft design ensures there is no increased load on the bearing. The bearings do the job they were designed for, efficiently maintaining axial and side loading.

      Extensive warranty

      With a 3 year motor warranty and 5 year gearbox warranty, our drives are backed with 100% Australian made quality.
      Customer warranty - digga drive unit - motor warranty
      For more information on the different models in our range of auger and screw anchor drives please visit our website: www.digga.com

      For customer reviews on our range of drive units and information on our units in the field read more on our blog, click here

      Sunday, 26 November 2017

      Digga win 2017 Manufacturing Award at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.

      Manufacturing award - Digga Australia
      This weekend, Digga Australia were awarded the 2017 category award for Manufacturing at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.

      Digga took the annual category win for Manufacturing for the third time and became the only company in 22 years to win the same category three times.

      The Gold Coast Business Excellence awards launched in 1996 and honours businesses in the Gold Coast region who lead and shape specific industry sectors.

      The 2017 Manufacturing award recognises Digga’s ongoing commitment to providing the most innovative machinery attachments on the market with a dedication to local manufacture and teamwork.

      Following the devastating fire that occurred at the Digga Australia head office and factory just over 2 years ago, the award highlights the dedication of the team at Digga. Also known as the Diggaholics, the hard working team have rebuilt their workplace and the main manufacturing facility to be able to continue providing Australian made products on a global scale.

      Digga’s [now] 12,500sqm, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Yatala, Queensland and employs approximately 200 Australians. In the last 2 years it has undergone a total refit and today houses some of the most advanced machinery in the country.

      The company design and manufacture over 80 earth moving machinery attachments,

      For more information on Digga Australia and our manufacturing facility read further blog articles here.

      For more information on the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards visit their website.