Friday, 10 November 2017

The Digga Rotary Axe

extreme slasher - rotary axe - digga attachment
The Rotary Axe is the ultimate heavy duty attachment for clearing and shredding thick bush and scrub. When Southern Tool + Equipment Co customer John Hile was looking for a tool to help him clear and maintain 140 acres of land his property in Withcott stands on, we were confident the Rotary Axe was going to get the job done.

Slashing similar products off the market, the Digga rotary axe is in a league of its own with the term ‘rotary axe’ uniquely describing the cutting action of the blades – the alternating bevels on the blades working like an axe.

Key features of the Digga model include:
  • 20mm thick, hardened reversible steel blades for added life
  • A heavy duty fly wheel which gives smooth rotation while its weight maintains the blades momentum as they strike trees and brush to keep spinning and therefore cutting. 18 carbide grinding teeth are mounted below the fly wheel to grind tree stumps 10mm above ground level
  • Weighing just under a tone the heavy duty design of the Digga rotary axe also stops the attachment from ‘bouncing’ while grinding and hitting debris. A 6mm deck thickness ensures durability
  • Visible pressure gauge to avoid overheating and excessive stalling
The land at John’s property is overgrown with a mixture of tree, shrub and long thick grasses with vines and rocks thrown in for good measure. John has always maintained their family property but year after year machinery attachments have failed him, not providing the strength and durability needed to tackle the different ground conditions and vegetation.
Southern Tool - Rotary Axe - Digga Machinery Attachments
John purchased a Digga rotary axe from Southern Tool + Co in South East Queensland after a full run down of the product and spoke with Andre Patane of their Sales Division and some of the technical team here at Digga HQ regarding the differences between the Digga Rotary Axe and other similar models on the market.

In the few months that John has owned his Digga Rotary Axe he got in touch to let us know how he was getting on with the Digga Rotary Axe attached to his New Holland L230:

“Whilst the rotary axe is a new piece of equipment and I’m still learning the reigns with it, I have cleared at a large amount of this difficult overgrown country. I particularly like the tapered frame at the front of the unit, as it allows you to get the axe over the top of undergrowth, tilt the front of the machine forward and drag back over the undergrowth. The heavy blades work a treat in the toughest of scrub and then the tungsten cutters under the blade will remove the stumps. It’s also protecting the top soil and leaving fresh mulch all over the cleared land, providing a great seed bed for improved pasture.
to date, the Rotary Axe has been great and proving incredibly tough. We have never succeeded with regrowth control as efficiently to date. Our country is predominantly very rough, beautiful and mountainous with great views often spoilt by uncontrollable regrowth – until the arrival of the Rotary Axe from Digga!”

We’ll be hearing more from John as he updates us on the progress of the regrowth clearing and fuel reduction for fire control and the robustness of the machine!

In the meantime, click here to check out this video of some land we cleared out using the Digga Rotary Axe.

Southern Tool + Equipment Co. are a locally owned and operated company in Southeast Queensland. They are a leading provider in new, unused machinery tools and equipment. Visit their website for further information.