Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Digga 4 in 1 Bucket is more than just a bucket.

digga product - 4 in 1 buckets
A Digga 4 in 1 bucket is arguably one of the most versatile earth moving attachments available for both construction and agricultural users alike.

As the name suggests, a 4 in 1 bucket enables you to perform 4 different functions which Digga reference as standard bucket operation, grappling, levelling and dozing.

A 4 in 1 bucket adds great value to the operators business and machinery over a standard bucket:
  • Standard bucket operation
    When the bucket is fully closed the Digga 4 in 1 bucket can be used as a general purpose bucket for moving dirt and material etc.
    Digga tip: If you are dumping into a truck you can dump at a greater height than a standard bucket by opening the floor to release the material. 
  • Grapple operation 
    With the bucket above an object, open the floor sufficiently and lower the bucket down so that the object is between the jaws. When you close the floor, the object will become clamped between jaws so you can lift and move.
    Digga tip: Always use the side jaws to pick up objects. Do not use the floor to pick up or pull objects as this will cause damage to the floor/ bucket and you may lose your warranty.
  • Levelling
    In the operator’s manual this is referred to as ‘back dragging’. The user drags and levels dirt or material with the floor fully open and the back edge of the bucket on the ground to level out.

  • Dozing
    With the floor of the bucket open, tilt the bulldozer weldment forward so that the front cutting edge penetrates the desired depth into the soil or materials to push and move the ground.

Key features of the Digga 4 in 1 bucket

Digga’s extensive range of 4 in 1 buckets are suitable for mini loaders, skid steers and tractors. The durable, strong and 100% Australian made Digga 4 in 1 bucket features a ‘wear plate standard’ hardened steel floor and comes complete with a thick, heavy duty, fully welded grill to provide clear vision of bucket edges. With cutting widths from 880mm to 2200mm, the Digga 4 in 1 bucket is available for mini loaders, skid steers and tractors.

Optional bolt on cutting blades for Digga 4 in 1 bucket

All models in the range are available with optional reversible bolt on cutting blades. The blades are sectioned into 3 and available for fixture on to all 3 edges of the bucket. As the cutting edges of your bucket will naturally wear faster, why replace the whole blade when you can just replace the worn sections?

With the optional Digga reversible cutting blades for your 4 in 1, you can replace wear parts section by section saving you time and money.

See the diagram below which highlights the three different edges and how the blades are sectioned into 3 so you can replace and rotate the blades depending on your usage.

For more information on the range and to read customer reviews of the Digga 4 in 1 bucket, click on the links below:

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Helical piling experts give Digga's Australian Manufacturing a tick in the box

digga machinery attachments
Coming from a background of Australian small business, helical piling experts Brodie and Rob Houghton believe that supporting Australian manufacturing, skills and ingenuity should be top of the list when selecting new machinery attachments.

Brodie and Rob Houghton have over 25 years of experience in small business development, servicing specialist engineering and construction industry niches, including extensive experience in the Residential, Civil and Commercial Construction disciplines. Brodie and Rob are now the Directors of Solidity Pty Ltd, specialists in Helical Pile manufacture and installation.

Solidity service the entire state of Victoria, with emphasis on areas with swampy or sandy foundations, where helical piling provides significant economic and structural benefits over the concrete bored pile equivalent.

The Solidity team operate using a number of different machinery platforms, and have recently purchased a new 5.5T excavator. Each of their excavators is matched to a high torque auger drive unit and a digital torque monitoring device which Brodie says “ensures a reliable and efficient pile installation.”

With Solidity’s core values centring on quality and service, Brodie isn’t prepared to lose focus on delivering reliable and efficient pile installation for his customers when selecting his new machinery attachments. Despite his years of experience with different brands and models of machinery attachments, he still conducts a significant amount of shopping around before choosing the right brand of attachment for him.
“From living through a huge dynamic shift brought about by the downturn in our economy and rise in foreign imports we see the need to constantly strive to support Australian manufacturers wherever possible. We chose Digga due to their reputation for reliability and their Australian heritage. In the development of Solidity, we see an opportunity to build a business with a core ethos supporting Australian skills and ingenuity and as such, one of the first boxes on our list of criteria when it comes to selecting machinery attachments was the country of origin. Digga ticks that box for us!”
As expected, Solidity undertook further research into Digga and other machinery attachment manufacturers, receiving first word reports from their trusted associates, consulting the internet and seeking advice from third party sales and technical staff. Brodie explained that in the end, “It was countless anecdotes from associates in the industry which helped to confirm claims of reliability made by sales staff from various machinery resellers that cemented the decision to use Digga attachments exclusively as our business grows.”

Solidity Pty Ltd paired their new 5.5T Hitatchi ZX-55U to a Digga PD12 Auger drive, with RC8 Rock Drill and a Digga Pressure Differential Gauge and told us that they have been extremely pleased with the all their new Digga gear so far.
Digga machinery attachments
Thanks to the unique Digga/Eaton bell motors used in the Digga drive range, the PD12 produces significant torque outputs which Brodie believes to be suitable for almost all residential screw piling applications and adds that “the real benefit for selecting the PD12 for us is having the confidence to put the drive to work every day without the worry of failure or malfunction”.

The Solidity team have already been using their drive daily along with the Digga Pressure Differential Gauge. Designed to give you greater accuracy in your work, Brodie explained that the gauge has really helped him and his team to reliably and accurately compile loading correlation charts based on the dynamic load testing of their products, cross referenced to installation torque calculations.
“By using the Digga Pressure Differential gauge, we take away any and all guess work from our process – ensuring our installations are performed correctly every time.”
By helping to ensure a higher degree of quality control throughout their projects, the Pressure Differential Gauge has allowed Solidity to reduce risk factors in their operations, which in turn have generated savings that they have passed onto their clients.

Every product in the Digga range of machinery attachments has been designed and built for the varying Australian conditions, providing customers with our uncompromised dedication to high quality, competitively priced, Australian manufacturing, something which Solidity put their trust in, “given that the Digga products we purchase are all Australian Made, we take solace in the notion that if any issues were to arise with any of our purchases, parts and expertise are only a phone call away, giving me even more peace of mind!”

Solidity not only install steel helical piles, but they also have an Australian Manufacturing facility where they manufacture helical piles, anchoring systems and speciality pile cap modules to make the subsequent stages of construction as simple and efficient as possible. The business manufacturers their products in-house, giving them the benefit of being able to design and produce to any specification. They also have the ability to manufacture and supply a range of pre-designed solutions for connection detail. To find out more information on Solidity visit

Digga 4 in 1 bucket is bucket loads better than the rest!

The Digga 4 in 1 bucket is a practical solution to tackle many applications in construction and agricultural job sites.

Ace Rental is an equipment rental company based in South East Queensland. They supply a range of backhoes, graders, excavators and skid steer loaders with earth moving attachments to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and all across the south east Queensland region to a mix of customers from different industry sectors.

Company founder and Managing Director Mick Sheldon has been in the earth moving industry for over 31 years and opened Ace rentals in March 2003. Mick has built up his business reputation by supplying quality earth moving machinery equipment to a demanding work sector.

To continue to meet his customer needs, the business regularly upgrade and replace their machinery with new models and when Ace Rentals purchase any new machine, they often come direct from the dealer with buckets and other attachments already fitted.

Over the 15 years that Ace Rentals have been in operation Mick has found that these attachments and specifically buckets, are “by no means serviceable for the life of the machine” and in most cases a more robust bucket needs to be fitted.
Testimonial - 4 in 1 - Digga bucket
He said, “That is why we use Digga buckets and attachments. They’re engineered for the Australian job site - from the steel used to manufacture the buckets to the overall quality of the manufacturing, it is much better quality than that of other equipment out there.”
“All in all we are extremely happy with our decision to choose Digga buckets, and the feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. As we are a service based business and we value our client’s feedback, we will continue to align ourselves with Digga and their quality machinery attachments for years to come.” 
Mick prides his business on the top service they provide to their clients so being in such close proximity to our Yatala factory and service centre in Queensland also gives him a convenient and practical solution when he needs to service his Digga machinery attachments; causing as little delay to his clients as possible.

Ace Rentals currently possess:
4 x Digga 4in1 buckets
2 x Digga bucket brooms 
2x Digga pallet forks 
Plus a selection of Digga auger drives and augers.

For more information on our 4 in 1 buckets check out our blog post:  The Digga 4 in 1 Bucket is more than just a bucket.