Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Digga ECV and pile kick back when installing screw piles.

Digga Australia - digga drive unit
Screw piles or helical piles are installed to an engineered torque specification. By the time installation torque is reached and the operator stops the machine, the screw pile has built up rotational energy - similar to a rubber band on a wind up model aeroplane.

This can cause the pile to momentarily 'kick back' and force the energy back up the screw pile through the drive shaft, the gear box and the hydraulic motor. This action effectively turns the motor into a high speed pump, generating cavitation of the motor which causes motor failure and potentially expensive replacement costs.

See the diagram below, the red arrow demonstrates the force of the energy up the screw pile.

Digga's flow reversal bypass valve (ECV) is fitted as standard to Digga Screw Anchor Drives and can be retro fitted to drilling drives as required.

The Digga ECV effectively protects the motor in your drive from rapid oil decompression and easily converts your auger drive into a dedicated screw anchor drive.

Digga Australia - drilling drives - ECV
To retro fit the ECV to your auger drive follow the 3 steps below:

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