Monday, 18 September 2017

Digga tips - the importance of vertical alignment when drilling.

Digga machinery attachments
Natural arc movement of the boom causes the dipper arm to move out of alignment as it is raised or lowered. Constant operator adjustments are required to maintain vertical alignment. Failure to do so will create significant side load on the auger drive and auger.

Digga auger drives are pendulum drills designed to hang freely from the excavator mount. Excessive side load may result in bent auger flights, pipe and hubs as well as potential damage to the auger drive shaft, seals and gearbox.

Excessive side load may also cause socket and pilot breakage especially when drilling into hard ground.

You can find more info and tips for drilling in harder grounds such as rock or frost here.

You could also try the Diggalign Inclinometer for greater accuracy.