Monday, 2 October 2017

Digga tips - servicing and changing the oil of your Digga drive unit.

It is important to service your Digga drive unit and change the oil regularly as per the owners manual. This will ensure longevity and performance of your drive.

  • The oil in your drive unit is independent to your hydraulic system.
  • Oil from your machine does not lubricate your drive unit.
  • As a result your auger drive requires regular oil changes to remain in perfect working condition.

The images below illustrate the importance of regular servicing of your auger drive in accordance with the owners manual.

The 3 drive units were tested in our Hydraulic Cyclic Testing Unit where 10 years of wear and tear was simulated. Oil was changed in the drives at different intervals illustrating the wear caused by neglect. Changing the oil and a regular service of your Digga drive unit is crucial to its longevity and performance.
Digga Australia - servicing tips - drive units

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